Get A House Ready For A Springtime Sale With Outdoor Staging

Dated: 03/27/2017

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Home staging is one of the essentials for presenting the property to a potential buyer in the best possible light. A number of real estate agents, however, ignore the importance of outdoor staging.

Outdoor staging is the one that creates a first impression and determines the attitude of the potential buyer from this point on. If you’re planning to increase the effectiveness of your spring and summertime property sale efforts, you’ll need to dedicate a little bit of time to outdoor staging.

Outdoor Furniture

Garden furniture boosts curb appeal immediately, plus it creates an attractive and cozy place. You can have garden furniture put in the backyard, underneath the shade of the trees. You can use it to make the patio much more welcoming.

When it comes to proper staging, quality is much more important than quantity. Pick quality pieces that look well-made and sophisticated. Avoid plastic outdoor furniture. Steel and rattan are two possibilities that have a much more polished look. Adding a beautiful table that has a glass top to the composition will boost the appeal of the outdoor corner even further.

Make sure that the furniture and the accessories are visible right from the entrance. You want buyers to notice the improvements you’ve made, don’t hide the furniture in a distant garden corner that cannot be observed immediately.

Garage Doors and Fences

An old fence or a peeling garage door can have a disastrous impact on your outdoor staging efforts. The good news is that such problems can be fixed quickly and efficiently.

A fresh coat of paint can be applied over the weekend. This renovation is inexpensive and you don’t need professional assistance to make it happen.

Choose colors that will work well with the property’s façade and the surrounding greenery. White is a nice pick. The same applies to blue or beige. You may want to choose a light color because it will create some contrast and visual appeal.

Accessories (but don’t Overdo It!)

A beautiful garden fountain can turn into the central piece of your outdoor staging efforts. The water will create the perfect ambiance. You may also think about a small pond or a cascade. Talk about these possibilities with the owner early enough. Proper execution will usually require some time and effort.

Don’t overdo it when it comes to accessorizing the backyard. One focal piece will look great and stylish. Don’t go too far by placing fountains, columns and statues everywhere. Such styling ideas will result in a really kitschy exterior that many potential buyers will feel uncomfortable with.

Certain Things to Hide

Certain items should never be visible. If you want the outdoor staging to look stylish, you’ll need to work with the owner and get rid of certain things.

Put away hoses and gardening tools. An irrigation system can be kept in its place. It is a practical solution that many potential buyers will be happy about.

The same applies to toys and pet items. Many buyers will not be happy about seeing those scattered around. Make sure that these are stored safely for the period until the house gets sold.

Spring and summer add a lot of greenery and beauty to a house’s curb appeal. There are certain basic things you can do to enhance the curb appeal even further. Outdoor staging doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated in order to get noticed. A few basic changes will often result in a major transformation.

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