Four HOT 2017 Interior Design Trends

Dated: 03/24/2017

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2017 Design Trends

What does it take to sell a home faster? Interior design changes can add to the value of the property and they could also give potential buyers exactly what they’re looking for. The trends in the field change all the time. Here are some of the hottest 2017 interior design trends and how they will impact the residential property sector.

Emerging Trend: The Underground Garage

This one is a major and costly modification. Still, the popularity of underground garages that save a lot of space is expected to increase in the years to come.

This development is based on a ground-level parking lot that’s covered by a roof. When executed properly, this kid of garage will be almost invisible. A more complex development could feature a hydraulic elevator that will take the vehicle underground.

Underground garages are seen as essential for the owners of expensive vehicles and such modifications will be best for high-end properties.

Open Spaces

Tearing down a few walls can transform the appearance of a house completely, which is why the 2017 interior design trend is expected to be very popular. Open spaces create the illusion of a larger home, thus the trend will have a positive impact on smaller properties.

The millennial demographic is particularly interested in such developments, so anyone targeting younger buyers should give this possibility a thought.

Charging Stations

This 2017 interior design trend brings home renovation and technology together. It’s easy to see how this kind of improvement will appeal to younger buyers, as well.

A charging station is a dedicated space for charging personal devices like smartphones, ebook readers and tablets. Everyone has at least a few such gadgets used on a daily basis. Though a personal device can be charged everywhere, a charging station boosts the functionality, modernity and practical appeal of property.

The best places for installing a charging station include the corner of the living room or the entrance from the garage.

Vintage, Free-Standing Tubs

Though modern is good, a bit of old-school can boost the charm and the coziness of a house.

Vintage, free-standing bathtubs are expected to be particularly hot in 2017. Many companies have introduced such tubs to their newest collections. One consideration to keep in mind is that a free-standing tub may be difficult to get into, which is why such modifications will not appeal to older buyers.

Bonus Tip: Few Interior Design Trends to Forget about (FOREVER!)

As a bonus tip, we’ve decided to share a list of interior design trends that are going out of fashion (for good). Here are the ones that are expected to go extinct in 2017:

  • Overused chevron prints: chevron happened to be one of the most overused interior design possibilities of 2016. As such, it quickly became infamous. Solid colored or textured fabrics will be a much better idea.

  • Furniture featuring mirror surfaces: mirrored and metallic furniture is also going out of fashion. Large mirrored furniture was previously used to make rooms appear larger. Today, you can opt solely for small pieces that can be the highlight of the room.

  • Stained wood cabinets: the selection of dark shades makes the kitchen look dated. New trends are all about letting natural materials shine on their own. Beautiful wood doesn’t need to be covered in a thick coat of paint in order to look spectacular. If you want to have the cabinets painted, opt for light colors like white and beige.

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